No VGT’s: Pennsylvania Association of Area Agencies on Aging

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No VGT’s: Pennsylvania Association of Area Agencies on Aging

June 27th, 2017

Pennsylvania’s Senior Centers oppose VGT’s.


VGT’s are a proven Lottery-Killer.

VGT’s would result in a $923 million to $2.3 billion decrease in PA Lottery sales over the next ten years, according to Governor Wolf’s Pennsylvania Department of Revenue study.

Representing nearly half of all PA Lottery sales, those numbers are staggering.

“The legalization of VGT’s — even a scaled-back effort — will directly compete with lottery revenues and will take money away from programs that benefit Pennsylvania’s seniors,” said Rebecca May-Cole, Executive Director of the PA Association of Area Agencies on Aging, in a statement released today.

“In addition, legalization of even a scaled back version of VGT’s this budget cycle means that VGT’s will likely continue to expand in scope and geography in future budgets, which will further erode lottery sales and funding for our seniors,” continued May-Cole.

Where VGT’s have just gotten started in Illinois, VGT’s have already raided their State Lottery by 12%.

VGT’s hurt seniors.

Pennsylvanians for Responsible Government (PRG) educates citizens on public policy issues impacting the scope and growth of government.  It is a Pennsylvania not-for-profit corporation operating under the 501c4 section of the Internal Revenue Code.

PRG’s campaign is supported by members of Pennsylvania’s brick-and-mortar casino industry which employ over 18,000 Pennsylvanians, invested billions of dollars in construction projects and provided billions of dollars in Pennsylvania property tax relief.

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